Monday, August 06, 2007

Gandhi my father

Day before yesterday we went to see the movie about Gandhi and his son Hiralal some how i felt that the image people try to portray of Gandhi as great man doesnot gel with me and how acruel a father can be on his children just in the belief that what he is doing is correct Hira lals case is of a typical son who out of respect or fear of hurting could not speak infront of his father andit was too late before he could muster the courage to do so. Gandhi had choosen his path of fighting the britishers but that was no reason why young hiralal was deprived of education. the vision that Gandhi had was after becoming a barrister and traveling around the world. How many persons in that time got the opportunity and still he did not feel the worth of education.

Parents some time in the quest of becoming heroes tread on their children to achieve those heights . No body sees that but always crib that your father was a great man what have you done. they do not bother to see that the statue of greatness is standing on the pedestal of the mortal family members History always unkind to all of them who have made superior sacrifice becuase whater the great man was doing it was his own choosing he was getting the co-operation and sacrifice of others by pure emotional blackmail.

How much one is hurt cannot be understood by others some times one is not even able to share ones pain . There were no shortcomings in the character of Hiralal. He was a devoted son a loving husband and a loving father, His failure at not becoming a barrister pushed him to the condition that he had in the latter years of life for which i think Gandhi should be squarely blamed for not doing enough while time was there.

History keeps on repeating in one form or the other in one family or the other. The patriachs of family should take lessons from this movie and ensure that they donot force their child ito a life of misery

Friday, August 03, 2007

time passes away

It is more than seven months since the last blog. That was a time of sorrowness and tensions. In between both my daughters came but i was in no frame of mind to be able to spend time with them and then there was always the tension of money. I was worried how i will meet there expenses and also providefunds for smooth running of my factory and on top of it tensions from the extended family. Ruchi had to leave as her college was starting and Aakaknsha also wanted to leave as early as possible.

Then my belief in god startedshowing results and slowly the funds though even they are loan funds started falling in place.

After lot of adversities and failure we saw my brothers loan proposal getting sanctioned and he started work on modernisation of his unit .

Abhiruchi is back at home and on the way to usa as an exchange student. we expect Aakansha also to come down for a week. Its a pity why shee cannot find more time or maybe i will have to visit her but i look froward to her home coming

Finances are improving but still it has along way to go

2nd august was our marriage anniversary which i spent whole day in the bed just lazing around and here is another day seeing more enthusaistic about good things to come in life

Sunday, December 03, 2006

An era comes to an end

Been off for more than a month lot of things have happened during this period. The biggest of them is our beloved father has departed for his heavenly abode on Dec2nd at 0300hrs (IST) . It was coming to an end of a era which started in 1927 when my father was born. The turbulent childhood shaped his character hard on the outside and soft inside a man with compassion for the deprived a fighter and a winner with never go ability only this time he lost to the will of almighty god.

Having lost his father at a tender age of 14 years he single handedly built an empire in brick making and was crowned as the brick king of india. At a time when other children are in fantasy world of aolscent dreams he was struggling with life and how to see the family through.

for his time he was a visionary and saw education as a tool to enpower and uplift the deprived section of the society and created a number of educational instituions single handedly. In his last active years of life he decided he should work for providing shelters for orphans and last institue he created was an orphanage and a wish which remained unfullfiled was an orphanage for girls.

Though himself only formally educated till class nine he was firm believer in continuing knowledge upgradation with self help books and reading othe mamagement writers I tahnk hem for giving me the quality of reading which i have tried to pass on to his grand children

He had great expecatattions from all his grand children and speciaaly AAkanksha whose work he used as demonstrative work.

My mother had great love and affecation for him but somehow she departed much earlier and probably that left him a broken man from inside though he never acknowledged it nor showed it but his problems of illness started immediately after that.

It seems that was the reason he came and told aakaknsha in her dreams that your ma is calling him and he has to go as she will adar him (bengali word for love) and his telling this aakaknsha also is an indication of the deep love and affecation he had for her.

His was a character one can keep on writing about Any abody and every body who has come in touch with him has been moved in some way. but in the end i say let almighty god give us strength vision and direction to try to complete his unfinished tasks.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Growing up/aging gracefully II

In my last post I decided to talk about my second daughter Abhiruchi alias ruchi alias bubbly she was always a take it easy girl . i remember when she was quiet young maybe 6 years her mother had put here in a judo class mothers or for that matter even fathers do a lot of injustice to children they want them to grow up in a single day and have all the traits like a good academic mind , good command on music and than also a good sportsman and what not . What a pity one child and some many roles to play. It basically stems from the fact that they want them to achieve in the shortest spell what they could not do in life time.

coming back to ruchi we had this park close to our home where they used to teach judo to children. And here ruchi the carefree that she is doing it in slow motion and not bothering about what others were doing and setting her own rhythm i think that set the tone for her entire life she has created a rhythm of her own and going through the life at her own pace.

in her younger days she was quiet accident prone at every place wherever we went she would have an accident. At silchar she straight went to the hotel toilet and god knows how she managed to get the sink on top of herself. Immediately we rushed her to hospital fortunately it was superficial cut. Again at Agartala she fell from the roof of the house this time she was not as lucky and had a skull injury and had to be hospitalized it was a traumatic experience as we i had lost my niece in head injury despite best medical care and here we were at a place where only primitive arrangement was there the doctors would not even allow us to fly out for 72 hours after which we took her to gauahati

again one day at calcutta she managed to stick a marble in her nose and when the doctor removed it first thing she asked for was where is my ball. fortunately after that there were not many incidents except one when she kicked a scooter and hurt herself.

She enjoyed her school thoroughly for a girl who used to do judo karate in slowmotion basket ball became a favorite sport and may be she couldn't have survived a singe day without playing basket ball or tennis. During her class 9th 12th she would get up early morning play tennis and and than play basket ball god knows from where she got the energy.

we are always very skeptical about her studies but she did manage to catch the train Compared to her AAkaknsha was very serious girl who used to take her studies very seriously

As like Aakaknsha she had lot of time before leaving for Australia she used to be stressed a bit regarding her visa but never showed overtly only her mother used to push me. Her years at school and the sixmonth she spent at home have totally transformed her from a shy girl tugging her sisters dress to confident fresher at swinburne i still have that picture in mind i shall try to find it a put it on the blog.

keep it ruchi your transformation from ruchi to bubbly has been fantastic i know you can bring the warmth in your sisters life which probably we are not able to sitting back here in India my heart is with you as i have always acknowledged you as my pet.

keshu today some body called was asking for pinky do you recall who?????????????

there is so much you can write about children but again one post is not enough i have one more who may be feeling left out but nest time is his turn

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Growing up / aging gracefully

You don't know whether your aging (gracefully or otherwise) or others are growing up it seems they are two sides of the same coin

Today is a great day ackie is graduating. I still remember my last day in the college what were those days just remembering them makes me feel young. I really enjoyed my college there shares of ups and downs the bunking of classes (against which I seriously advise my children or for that matter any body else) having innumerable cups of tea at the college canteen named Apollo ( because it was shaped like a rocket and Armstrong had probably landed on the moon around the time I joined college Aug 1970)

It seem like it was just yesterday time just seems to fly by 30 years and one still wants to go back to the same old days they were some of the best time in my life.

some time life looks like a movie sudden changes take place in 1978 I moved to north east (north eastern states are cut off from main India . The population is basically indigenous tribal people rustic and simpleton with very frugal life style, the states are also known as the seven sisters)

Life started a fresh met knew persons one person I met was PK sasseedran he had just come to tripura where his uncle was working and he joined me I think at a very young age 0f 17 -18 years.

We had a long stint together worked for almost 10 years and then drifted away . Two days ago I suddenly got a call from him and I gave him my email address and then he mailed me . His daughter is also doing engineering and the second daughter is in class 9. He specially asked about ackie. When ackie was born the entire staff at agartala would look after her and sasi was one of them.

when I was in engineering there were only two girls in the whole college and today it seems every second girl is doing engineering . I think this is one male area which has been completely conquered

I will continue with more in the next blog

let me again congratulate ackie she is such a wonderful daughter and I am sure she will be a winner in whatever she does

ackie dear do not allow it to get to your head

Ackie occupies so much space in my mind that I feel sometimes bubbly is left out but next time it is bubbly is some body listening ....... Or reading??????????????

Saturday, October 21, 2006


my destiny

Feels good to have 7 comments may be that includes three of your own

Ackie calls up the 24X7 helpline at 01:30 hrs stating assignement needs to be finished and submitted next morning I had thought my days of assignments are over i have just asked her in return to acknowledge my contribution in her degree and promote my blog and there I hane this lovely lasdy leave a comment on my blog my first visitor outside the family and reason to celebrate. It feels that whole of delhi knows it jpoins me in celebration with all the fire crackers going around.

As usual there is lot of advise like getting my blog proof read from my wife you know it wifes are experts in finding faults they can find it even where none exists but i am man and i too have my ego so no proof reading you want to read it vist my blog.

i have never discused my second daughter ruchi from a wild child she has blossomed into a very responsible girl She is so full of energy that i have changed her name and started calling her bubbly the enthusaiasm is overflowing and infectitious may be she passes it on to ackie also who some time sounds rundown and tired ackie dear donot feel jealous i know you too love her especiaaly when she cooks for you or gives comapny to a concert there are some infections which are good so allow her

At one time we had three dogs Julie, wind and storm (siblings) Julie and wind passed away at an interval of three months those very trubulent times I couldnot even prpoerly mourn their departure but storm is still with us and he has all the privileages. Today being Diwali because of the sound of firecrackers he has shifted his abode to our bedroom he thinks we shall protect him but alas one is not able to control the sound.

After a long time we went trought the ritual prayers on occassion of Diwali our old priest who use to come even during my mothers time was with us i was just wondering how much his old yes have seen he saw us growing through our childhood and then our children and may be grand children

i think i write too long i donot feel like leaving the key board but i think i will write more frequently and shorter peices

once again i welcome more visitors even may be some aliens

Thursday, October 19, 2006

my second adventure

I Came home early thought i will have a talk with my son but as usual when i am at home he is not there and vice-a-versa then I heard someting from meena about ackies blog and her sense of not belonging , thought fit to see the blog and after reading i remebered i had also started writing a blog and then the real adventure started why do they have to make things so complicated you have to have a user name which i just could not remeber in this age is remembering your own name not just good enough there are so many things that you want to remember but cannot like the password to your blog your ATM pin number or the phone number of an important client or even your wedding anniversary or your wifes birthday (daughters are generally more amenable and sons have already acquired gifts for the next few years) There are something in your life which people make sure you do not forget like the monthly bills the uni fees credit card companies even the travel group keep on reminding you for how long you have not had a decent holiday

When i posted my first blog i would check it for two three days to see if somebody is visiting me but alas no body other than ackie and meena visited and then the enthusiasm was lost but today again i felt i should spit out whatever is in my mind i think i would have to promote my blog incidentally i sent my link to ackie and announced in the home that i am on the blog bandwagon may be i will hitch a ride on ackies blog

Today morning i called up ackie and after about an hour she called me back saying i sounded as if i was sad yes i was ( though to her i told no their is nothing to worry) I some how had a very depressing day noit that their were any bad news but it seems i have not been able to accomplish mushc in thew last two three months but while comeing i decided that this is not going to work and let me again take charge of my life and i felt good. and i feel better after reading ackies blog and spitting out these words

I was in similiar mood about four years ago then my brother-in-law gave me a few cassettes which worked i am again starting positive thinking and let us see where we reach

The son is back my blog is in public domain even before it is posted however let me end it with a banta joke

Some body came and told santa that bantas daughter has died and he jumps from hundred floor on his way down at the 50th floor he remebers he has no daughter on 25th floor he remebers he is not even married and on 5th floor he remebers he is santa and not banta, my memeory is bad but not as bad as Santa's.